Dear Jane

A young woman plagued with a past filled with memories of pain and loneliness, Kit Kat is once again thrust into a world where although she feels love and gratitude toward her new life, she lacks the support system she so desires and needs. Dear Jane is a beautiful coming-of-age story about the meaning of maternal bonds, a desire to hold onto an identity, and ultimately, the ability to forgive yourself and others.

Dear Jane is not a simple read and will leave you shaking your head in shock and anger. The novel touches on very heavy topics from emotional abuse to physical trauma and the voice of the young woman secretly sharing her experiences in a series of letters creates a bigger impact. From start to finish, I couldn’t find myself putting the book down and became emotionally committed to Kit Kat’s journey and emotional growth as she struggles to stand up for herself and ultimately save herself from those she sought love from. The novel is unafraid of details and warn readers that it goes into graphic details of abuse and self harm, and implore to take into mind that this novel is not a story of escape, but rather one of being incapable of escaping memories and trauma.

Special thanks to the teams at Black Rose Writing and NetGalley for providing me with a reviewer’s copy of the novel and I encourage you to check out this book for yourself.

Marina DelVecchio was a former English teachers now teaching at a North Carolina community college. She has an MS in English and Secondary Education from Queen College in New York. She has been a recipient of several awards and has had several works published including those from The Huffington Post, The New Agenda, and BlogHer.  

Author: Nissbit

CSUSB Grad Student, English MA. UCR ‘18 BA in English, Creative Writing, Media and Cultural Studies. Writer. San Bernardinian. Gamer. Blogger. Member of many fandoms.

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