In a world where the law of the universe no longer apply, every person finds themselves with a god, a manifestation of their wealth and social status. But with every situation there is an exception. There exists those who are incapable of possessing a god, yet have the ability to manipulate other people’s gods, called godshapers. 

Ennay is a godshaper, he is seen as the lowest of the low in society, yet he is needed in order for the possessor of gods to be able to adjust their gods to their satisfaction. Alongside him is Bud, another exception to his new world as Bud is capable of thriving without needing of a human to worship him. The two are a strange but powerful pair as their existence doesn’t seem to apply to the rules of society, much to the dislike of many. 

This series is one of the most beautifully illustrated stories I have ever read. There is so much color from the people and the setting, even the gods seem to glow with these unnatural colors, making them appear to stand out on the pages. By brilliant glow to the gods solidifies the idea that behind every person is a god, which is what stands out the most, because in order to strut your importance, you must make your god stand out above everyone else. 

This story a beautifully way of showing the materialistic ways of society and how society has come to worship the wealthy just as these possessors of gods use their gods as a means of wealth and self-importance, becoming dependent on these beings. It is also no coincidence that this plot features a black main character. Ennay isn’t regarded as a lower being because of his skin color, but the treatment he received from others is near identical to the treatment of people of color in today’s society, especially with the wealthier class. 
What is unique about Ennay is that he is a main character doesn’t aim to change the way he is being looked at. If anything, he is completely obeying the rules of society and is determined to get away from it all and make money while participating in these underground musical events in which he feels can truly be free and unjudged. It isn’t until he and Bud become part of something bigger that he begins to notice the way society now function for him and everyone else. He experience a desire to be like everyone in society but then comes to realize that simply because the majority of society works a certain way, it doesn’t mean it is the way it should be.

This is a story that definitely requires a slow reading in order to appreciate the colors of the illustrations. Ennay’s occasional change of appearance is beautifully illustrated as his sexuality and expression of self is depicted on the pages. You can’t help but appreciate the obvious time and effort taken into creating this masterpiece. I completely recommend this graphic novel to you and hope it makes you drop your jaws in awe as it did for me. 

Author: Nissbit

CSUSB Grad Student, English MA. UCR ‘18 BA in English, Creative Writing, Media and Cultural Studies. Writer. San Bernardinian. Gamer. Blogger. Member of many fandoms.

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